Other conspicuous international design prizes:


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Certificate PrizeLighting PrizeInterior PrizeDesigner Prize
Famous Designers PrizeSports Car PrizeProduct PrizeHotel Prize
Movie Film PrizeProduct Packaging PrizeRed Packaging PrizeRestaurant Prize
Social PrizeStyle PrizeTextiles PrizeUseful Prize
Vehicle PrizeClothing PrizeSuccessful PrizeAmerican Prize
Exposition PrizeMagnificient PrizeAccomplished PrizeAward Prize
Greatest Artists PrizeTop Designers PrizeContests PrizeHigh Quality Design Prize
Top Architecture PrizeHuman Resources PrizeEntertainment Products PrizeConvention Centers Prize
Exhibition PrizeColorful Goods PrizeElectronic Goods PrizeInteraction Design Prize
Awards PrizeBest Website PrizeChallenges PrizeCrafts Prize
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